cPanel has shaken the web hosting community with its recent price rise announcement. 

They have changed its pricing model from per-server pricing to a per-account model.


So as a cPanel partner and were paying $11 per cPanel license for each server and running 1,000 websites,

you’ll now we have to pay $122. That’s approximately 1000% price rise!


According to cPanel’s new pricing, here’s the breakup for 1000 websites :

$32 for 100 accounts  

$0.1 each for 900 accounts


The pricing is different depending upon the number of accounts.

The price for the end-user is comparatively higher than the cPanel partners.


Then Cpanel New General Pricing

For 5 accounts – $20/month

For 30 accounts – $30/month

For 100 accounts – $45/month + $0.20 for each additional account


You can find more information about the latest pricing -


Shared Hosting Providers or Resellers,

The worst affected of the whole lot. Mostly, our shared hosting company will run around 1000 websites on a single VM with the $11/mo cPanel VM license. 

After the new changes come into effect, Only cPanel license costs will rise to $122/mo! Without Servers Cost :p

That’s a whopping 1000% increase and almost equivalent to their infrastructure or server costs.


cPanel Alternatives.

With this unexpected change, people have already started finding alternatives. Some of them are:







but Most of the Users like to use Cpanel, Because of that we decide to provide Cpanel License Continuously.

Then this is how we handle this situation, 

Effect to Existing Customers:

Shared Web Hosting - For our existing shared web hosting users, we don't charge any extra server package cost, until next Package renewal.

From the next package, you will move/upgrade or downgrade to the package depending on your usage.

Since renewal Depending on your hard disk usage, you may need to our switch to a new package. (We Support Free Upgrade / Migration service)


Reseller Web Hosting - For our existing Reseller Web Hosting customers, there are two options.

01. Switch to a New Package depending on your Cpanel account usage. 

02. Upgrade your Reseller web hosting to a VPS Package. (We like to give you a free technical instruction & migration support for Cpanel)

Our Recommendation

We recommend you to switch to our new reseller web hosting package. It's cheap & Best option.

You have 30 days from now to choose an option. if you have any questions regarding this, 


For Web Hosting & Resller New Orders, find packages from thse pages.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

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